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CS Passport to Success

Hello CS students! The CSIDE mentors want to introduce you to available resources and help you get involved in our CS program! Complete 3 of the tasks, then stop by CSIDE office (1112) to get a free BYU CS program T-shirt. We want to meet YOU and want you to feel welcomed and supported in this program.

CS Emphases

The CS program has 4 emphases that students can persue if they are interested in a specific area of computer science.

If you are interested in learning more about an emphasis, feel free to contact the CSIDE mentors and we can introduce you to some students in that emphasis.

Visit the Interactive Screen

The interactive wall was installed Fall 2021 to highlight the different things that students learn in the CS program. Check out the animation capstone projects, and animations of different principles that are central to the CS program.

Explore Clubs

There are so many clubs available on campus including CS related ones like Women in Computer Science (WiCS) and Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) for all CS Students. Don’t be afraid to get involved and make new friends!

Learn about CS research labs

A unique advantage to attending BYU is the involvment of undergraduates in research. Students are able to work in research labs as a job or for credit. Many students even have the opportunity to help publish papers!

Meet Professors and Faculty

The CS department has incredible faculty. Although it might be intimidating to talk with professors, they want to help you succeed and want to meet students.

Learn about Career's in CS

Internships are a great way to learn about possible careers and they can be the turning point for students to stay in a major or choose to change. In the CS department most students are qualified for internships by the end of their sophomore year. BYU Handshake is the way employers announce and recruit for jobs for BYU students. Job opportunities and internships are posted often.

Explore Classes in the CS Major

A good way to choose a major is to look at the classes you would take. Check out the listing of classes for the CS major to get a glimpse at what classes you would take in your journey as a CS student.

Visit the the CSIDE Mentor’s Office

This office is full of peer mentors who have experience in the CS program and want to help you succeed. We can help point you in the right direction, provide support, and answer questions you may have about classes or the CS Department in general!