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Campus Resources

Career Center 

Y Serve 

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 

  • Eyring Science Center N - 181 (Go through the doors on the north side of the building, not through the main entrance)
  • The website has a section about the research being done and some cool videos and news about the major.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 

Peer Tutoring 


  • Usually you need to meet with a doctor first and have them fill out a form, the student health center has these forms already printed out and will fax them over to UAC for you
  • Then you meet with a coordinator who will talk to you about what specific accommodations you need
  • After that they will explain how to get the letter of accommodations and how to send it to professors

Office of Student Success and Inclusion 

  • Blake: (from Dec 2021 LGBTQ+ training) 
  • Office:  2010 WSC (across from Jamba Juice)

Legal Resources

BYU comprehensive clinic 

  • Similar to caps, it can offer therapy. It is with graduate students, supervised by therapists. At CAPS, a student is limited to 6 visits, but the comprehensive clinic allows it for longer. Free for BYU students

Food and housing insecurity resource